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Greetings and salutations!

Igniculus has been wiped and is sufficiently up to date! Here are somethings you will need to know:

The world is a square world border that goes 4000 blocks in each direction.
The world spawn is in a Mesa Biome.
The world is pre-generated. Meaning that we generated the world entirely, so we should not hit much chunk lag from exploring.

Please inform us if you need something or perhaps want an additional thing added in, we will try to work it on. :) Thank you for reading this short post.

Be careful and be safe out there!

- Rivkiin
Greetings and salutations,

As many of you know, the server has been rather dead of late. We wish to fix this as well as the fact that a lot of things changed from 1.8 to 1.9. Here is what we are going to do:

  1. We are resetting the world. I know this disheartens some of you, but it is necessary to do. The spawn is everywhere and the server energy is dead. By resetting the world, as well as a few people's ranks, we are going to hopefully draw more interest in.
  2. The world reset will be happening in 2 weeks.
  3. We are going to be more available and have more administrators. Many do not know this, but my net has been acting very weirdly for the past 5-6 months. The past 2-3 months have been the worst. Elaborating on this: my internet would go down every 5-6 minutes and stay down for 20 minutes or so. My ISP seems to have fixed this and I hope to be relatively back to normal.
  4. We will have more cake. That's right! MORE CAKE!
If you have any...
Hey guys! It's that time again (for a new news post)! Guessing by the title we have you wondering what we are planning to do in regards to a "faith war" and what's the deal with TeamSpeak, right? Well I'll be glad to clear it up with some assistance from @Rivkiin Shadows!

First off - TeamSpeak Retried
While we are retiring our TeamSpeak platform we want to stress that we are replacing it with a much better and more versatile solution - Discord. Discord is a lot like Skype (minus video chat)and TeamSpeak had a kid and it took their great traits and grew up! There is voice and text chat apps for Windows, Mac OS X, and Mobile (iOS, Android) with a Linux client expected to be released soon! Example image of the Windows App show below. Please note that we highly encourage everyone that wants to join to sign up for a discord account!
Ready to connect? Simply click on the connect button on the discord widget on...
UPDATE - (12/13/2015): Basic testing will start very soon! You can view a basic plot command list towards the bottom of this page! I'll be creating a tutorial on our wiki soon(TM)!

Hey guys! @Rivkiin Shadows and myself have been talking a lot back and forth trying to figure out how to do a creative Runecraft-based server and have a few ideas (noted below)

  1. Open World or Plot Based
    • Open world - free build WITH residence or grief prevention to protect stuff from grief and damage
    • Plot-Based - would be 201x201 block plots that you will be allowed to build on and can claim more that are adjacent if no one has claimed the plot next to you. Simply ask an admin to assist with this as we might have to set a permission node to make it work.
  2. Mobs will most likely be 100% disabled
  3. Will be sharing a white-list with Igniculus (current survival server) so that...
As you've likely noticed we've now updated our theme to be wider (90% of browser window), added a Twitter feed in the side bar of most (maybe all) pages, and have a new messenger system that we are currently testing out!

Please be sure to provide feedback and thoughts on these changes. I do want to hear from YOU!

PS: Without the members of the community there'd be no real reason for us to exist nor the time or effort that I and the others put into the site and the Runecraft Developers into Runecraft and the respective staffs of the servers into them. Basically - you make us something worth doing!
Hey all! We now have a custom-made integration for the ban plugin system that we use that ties it into the forum as well as you being able to select your Minecraft in game avatar (face) as your forum avatar! This was all commissioned and brought to you guys as an early Xmas present and we hope you enjoy it!

The first is pretty simply to use and you just need to be logged in to do so! Once you are simply click the "Minecraft Bans" navigation item! The second, you will need to go to your profile, edit your avatar, select to use your Minecraft avatar and input your Minecraft in game name.

We hope all of you have a great Holiday Season!
UPDATE: We are evaluating a different one that allows group chat (chat rooms), and a more streamlined interface. The one we are evaluating is a like Facebook's!

Hello! With our messenger/pm addon we now get desktop chat notifications. To use them simply click "allow" in the popup prompt that asks if you want to allow desktop notifications.

This will enable you to see a pop up notice when you get a PM as long as your connected to the forums and logged in (basically you just need to have the page open).

We all know that sometimes we get tired of playing just one game and still want to play with our friends, what's a better way than to have a steam group for this community that allows us to play together!

The admins will be @DrEvil, @Fayettemat, @Master Wight and @Rivkiin Shadows so reply to this thread of PM me (Fayettemat) to get an invite. Eventually you'll be able to PM the other admins but they aren't set up yet!

Hope to see you in games and feel free to suggest more "official games" as that's just games that we play that are multiplayer.
Runecraft has a rich history that most people don't know about. I'd like to share that with some of the fans.

Runecraft is the longest running mod in Minecraft history. This may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s not. Runecraft was the third minecraft mod ever, and it quickly outlasted its two predecessors: LlamaCraft and hMod. As the longest running contributor of the longest running mod, I figured I’d give Runecrafters a look at the mod through my (admittedly very biased) eyes. Here’s the old man ramble of the olden days. This is the history as far as I know it, if Superllama, Zeerix, or C’tri care to fill in the holes, that’d be awesome too.

SuperLlama started Llamacraft as a bug fix for Minecraft Alpha back when it was just Notch and half slabs hadn’t yet been introduced. SuperLlama was 15 years old and taught himself Java just because he’s that smart. There was no modding platform, no MCPC, no Bukkit. He just started hacking at the decompiled Minecraft Alpha...
Hey guys!

I'm going to start off saying that this will be restricted to global admins and people who assist with costs of the network (donations) of any amount. Please note that you will have to be able to give at least $10 to donate, if you can't you likely need it more than us!

This is a great way to get notices to your phone and web browsers via Pushover web. The application is not free to get and will require you to purchase it to take advantage of this feature. The feature allows you to get push notices sent to you when you happen to not be around and want to be able to respond fast to any conversation you are are apart of by knowing when it's been replied to. I'll be adding screen shots and all later on to show you more of this stuff.